Social media have become so common that any company whether it is a start with a minimum number of employees or a major global brand consider this as a mandatory channel of communication. But ubiquity does not always mean effectiveness. Should I wait for innovation in this area, and how effectively you can use the channel SMM companies – in today’s issue?

Social media is a constantly expanding platform of modern internet marketing. So what awaits us next a virtual reality, Internet of Things, Further development of the functionality of Facebook and other social networking sites.

Most important thing in the development of social media is not always the technology but the main content brought up by people. What today’s marketers pay attention in the first place? Most often it is a new application, network, and the latest features on the major platforms of social media. But the point is about using this technology, and how “deep” and high-quality people are using these technologies.

Social media is a “double-edged sword.” On one hand, the consumer behavior dictates the further development of social technologies. On the other – the development of social technologies change consumers’ behavior. In any case, it’s very interrelated mechanism. And so it very important for any brands to pay attention to their atmosphere and behavior in social media, in order to properly monitor the dynamics and development trends among customers and the general public.

Future Consideration:


Today Facebook is the dominant social networking platform according to the criteria of popularity among users, video distribution and advertising. And in the near future this position is likely to continue. The same number can be put chat, WhatsApp and development Instragram as the second largest social platform (according to the some news portal).

Merge Network

This trend is actively gaining popularity and helps isolate from each social platform maximum benefit. As an example, Online Marketing Editor considering merging Microsoft and Linkedin, which can bring the world of marketing, new cool features with a focus on the professional field. In the same category include the ability to purchase Odden Twitter one of the largest global players such as Apple IT-market, Google, or with Facebook.

Live Broadcast

Now brands were opportunities for effective involvement of consumers using the previously known instruments. This includes Live-Broadcast through such platforms like Snapchat, Facebook Live and Periscope.

Paid social advertising

Social advertising will continue to grow; bringing more opportunities for advertisers. Advertising in social media in 2017 will generate billions of dollars. This is a very impressive figure, compared to earlier year statements. Other social networking sites and applications will also be expanding its promotional social media marketing course.

Mobile First

Our blog readers have not once met this definition. Why? Because this trend with each passing day it becomes more and more urgent. Mobile traffic today exceeds the desktop, and it is expected that in 2016 this number of Smartphone owners worldwide will reach two billion. It is not necessary once again to talk about the importance of mobile applications and mobile formats adapted – is so obvious to any progressive brand. It is worth to emphasize only the fact that ignoring social media can lead to the development of dramatic consequences.

Participation in the social content

Consumers are most interested in communication with the brand when they are directly involved in its creation. Such a possibility is in the mutual interest of consumers and companies. This symbiosis will lead to the widespread dissemination of user-generated-content. This principle today is shared by many brands. For example, iFunny application is completely built on such video content. And its popularity speaks for itself.

The presence of personal mobile devices gives users and brands to a vast field for the creation of a joint content in any format, taking into account the interests of each potential customer. Involvement of interested people to create a great opportunity to significantly increase the audience reaches with minimal investment

Summarizing all the above, it is necessary to dwell on the fact that the brand has a good chance of success with proper use of social content. And it is a harmonious fusion, progressive tools and the human factor.

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This article will help you to understand the basics of a successful SMM (social media marketing) strategy.

  1. Where to start?

The best way to figure out that who you want to communicate, define a typical customer and assess his familiarity with the technology. Learn everything about your customers. What are their goals? What is their problem? How do they trust the media in solving their problems?

So you can understand why social media interested in your customers and where, most likely you will find them.

  1. Work on content.

Content plays a leading role in the successful advancement of the company.

Content has positioned the organization an intellectual leader, good website, blog or podcast series not only to sell but also to show the world that you are smart, well understand the market and you should deal with.

Quality content will attract people to your social media sites and convert users into customers.

  1. Show your goals.

Blogs, social communities, video involves people to think about buying cycle and then sent back to where this product can be realized. When the content of social media is effective, it leads directly to the next step i.e. the button buy to download the document.

Offering your followers an interesting content, encourage them to take action.

  1. Plan.

The problem with many companies is that they are starting to use social media with great enthusiasm. So some people in the early years make a firm decision to do fitness every day: they persistently engaged in the gym. Establish a reasonable, workable plan and stick to it throughout the year.

  1. Receive answers.

Nobody likes to talk, unable to answer. If you have a blog, allow readers to interact with you to comment on your posts. Give people the opportunity to reflect, ask questions in social communities so that people really want to answer.

  1. Follow your customers.

When you enter into friendship with your readers and customers, you have the opportunity to read their news; to see with their own eyes that it is important for their business; comment, respond and engage in dialogue with them.

Be interested in what is important to your readers, it will help you to understand their way of thinking.

  1. Etiquette and response time.

By leaving a comment in the blog and by sending a message in social communities or by e-mail, whatever the customer wants i.e.  a quick response, which is considered as request and determines the next course of action. Usually people expect a response within 1-2 days.

  1. Even faster!

Social media can be unpredictable. A negative comment can cause a chain reaction, so we need to be even faster to resolve the situation before it has not worsened.


Ian Filippini

Any analyst associated with a particular interpretation of sufficiently large amounts of data, regardless of what area of activity is analyzed. Previously, different methods of analysis are rather time-consuming affair – calculations require high accuracy, and therefore – a large reserve of time. But with the development of computer technology has changed a lot, so now can learn how to analyze virtually everyone.


It is understood that major analytical agencies have much more information than that which is in the public domain and which will have to be used to analyze you. There are many other sources – government (especially true for the United States), as well as various insider sources inside the companies and their financial structures. Therefore, the ordinary, or, as they say, “home” the analyst is not much, but enough to determine the behavior of the market and somehow using this information.


Basically Ian Filippini have to deal with a variety of indicators, from which with proper treatment should emerge more or less clear picture in the analysis of various aspects. As a rule, most analysts are of the old school has an economic education and extensive experience in a particular structure, but, as Ian Filippini said, at the present time for amateur analysis of the existence of economic education is not necessary – the calculations can be trusted with the personal computer, and that’s how, for some formula to consider – it is quite another matter.


Generally, analysts have to deal with so-called time series – for example in the form of a graph of changes in exchange rates or stock quotes or indices for production for a certain period of time. Such information is available sufficiently wide range of people through intermediaries – news agencies, economic institutions, and so on. Find a way to join and have this information – the primary task for the analyst.


The second step is the study of intelligence methods. It can help economic courses, reading books and attending seminars and master-classes from professionals. But do not rely too much on the advice of professionals usually in such courses and activities is a discussion of the foundations and the various common issues, but only practice and make independent development of advanced analytics of you amateur.


Practice projections – should start precisely with the predictions of various parameters on the basis of historical evidence, and display them on the charts, and later you can go to the different methods of interpolation charts and prediction methods based on mathematics – it will be an excellent tool that will be on your own intuition methods.


When Ian Filippini learn to more or less accurately predict the changes necessary to move to the next level of analysis, which is often called the basic or fundamental analysis. It is a comprehensive evaluation of all possible indicators and output totals considering all factors. This is how the various indicators are calculated in large media outlets – on the basis of high performance!




Youthful skin problems are not only negative symptom but also may cause depression.

Today, the girls are trying to start to use cosmetics as soon as possible but did not pay attention to their quality preferring bright and fashionable cosmetics. Very often, teenage girls applied to the skin many layers of foundation, blush and powder, all only clogs the pores and prevents the skin to breathe. The result is an inflammation worsen. In this age it is better not to use creams. Goals pollution and tonal means pores do not allow the skin to breathe freely thus developing an inflammatory process. The most common mistake made by teenagers is squeezing pimples and blackheads. Thus, they only injure the skin, and even run the risk of infection recorded in it. As a result, after squeezing pimples may remain unsightly scars and blemishes on the face.


It is necessary to care for your skin properly and comprehensively. From skin care during the period of up to twenty years will depend on its condition in adulthood. Young skin is considered to twenty-five years. Usually to this age girls are concerned the same problems: oiliness in T-zone, black dots, clogged pores, acne.

If you are caring for young skin,Derma Clinic in Dubai are not recommended to get involved in anti-acne creams. Undoubtedly, some positive impact these funds have, however strongly dry up the skin so that after twenty years, it will begin to fade, and losing their youth and attractiveness, so such cosmetics should be used punctually. Care for every skin involves cleansing, toning, moisturizing and food. Wash with soap is harmful regardless of age period. Clean the skin must be twice a day, morning and evening, using a special gel (foam, mousse, lotion) for young skin. When choosing cosmetics, look for ingredients that young skin will contraindicated: alcohol, eucalyptus. It is important to wash makeup off the face; you can not leave it at night because it promotes the growth of bacteria. In the presence of acne, use funds from the anti-inflammatory effect after cleansing skin needs a toning which is recommended to use a refreshing lotion and tonic, the effect of which regulates the production of sebum. After toning young skin moisten, why you should use a cream that is suitable to your type of person. To remove eye make-up and facial for young skin dry type is better to use nourishing lotion.Owners of the oily and problematic skin for removing make-up more suitable lotions containing no alcohol. Black dots are particularly concerned about young skin, for their removal is recommended to steam masks, scrubs mild. It is also effective to cook homemade scrubs to cleanse young skin, which exclude the probability of injury.


Rug has numerous benefits and focal points as a deck material, yet spills can leave stains and day by day activity takes its toll. Figure out how to clean carpet with strategies for vacuuming, profound cleaning and stain expulsion to help your rugs look better and last longer.

Carpet warms a home by including shading, design and composition. Consistent vacuuming gives the main line of safeguard against soil and coarseness that harms floor covering filaments. It requires general cleaning to keep them looking great. Plan to altogether clean your floor coverings each 12 to year and a half, the more regularly in high-activity zones. On the off chance that you have light-shading rug and/or children or pets, clean your floor coverings a few times each year. Always follow  the floor covering producer’s Carpet cleaning in burnaby rules.

Testing for Colorfastness

Colorfast rug won’t drain, blur, or change when you are cleaning it or expelling stains. Regardless of whether it is colorfast may change the cleaning strategy or items you pick. Here’s the means by which to pretest your floor covering to see whether it is colorfast.

To begin with discover a rug scrap or a subtle spot, for example, floor covering inside a storage room. Vacuum the floor covering.

Hose a material with the cleaner or stain remover you need to utilize.

Lay the cloth on the floor covering for 60 minutes and afterward smear the damp area with a dry white fabric.

On the off chance that the material is recolored with floor covering colors, test another cleaning item until you discover one that does not make the rug test drain.

Floor covering Cleaning Steps

Always keep safe your furniture, rug cushioning, and subfloor when cleaning rugs. Snatch an accomplice to help you expel furniture from the room where the floor covering is being cleaned. Thoroughly vacuum the floor covering. Utilize a rental cleaner, if prescribed by the floor covering maker or have it professionally cleaned. On the off chance that you pick a wet extraction technique, ensure the rug dries within 24 hours to counteract shape or fungi growth in the rug or cushioning and to prevent dampness from harming the floor underneath. 

Owning a Carpet Cleaning System

On the off chance that you have light-shading floor coverings and/or a house brimming with children or pets, you might need to purchase your own proficient style model intended for home use. Home cleaners can spare you cash as time goes on when contrasted and procuring a master a few times each year. Remember, however, that the unit you purchase might not have the cleaning powder that proficient models do.

Water Extraction Method

Most home floor covering cleaning frameworks are water extraction units that are otherwise called steam cleaners. They work by injecting a solution into the floor covering heap, then pulling the filthy solution back into the machine. To evade the bother of dragging a hose around the house, decide on a model that does not require a spotless water hookup. Likewise, pick the most capable machine you can stand to facilitate the weight of water extraction.

Alert: When utilizing a steam cleaner, don’t get the floor coverings excessively wet. Overwetting can harm the floor covering support and underlayment, creating shrinkage, staining, and scent.

Dry Extraction Method

Other home cleaning frameworks utilize a dry extraction technique. To start with you spread a dry retentive compound over the floor covering being cleaned, and then you vacuum it with the cleaning machine. In spite of the fact that they work superior than steam cleaners, dry machines and chemicals are more costly than steamers and wet extraction arrangements.

Leasing a Carpet Cleaner

You might need to lease an expert quality steam cleaner from a supermarket or rental focus as a result of the extra power. With rental charges and the cost of cleaning arrangements (cleanser, defoamer, spot removers, smell removers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg), a rental machine can rapidly strain your family unit budget plan. In any case, it might be a superior quality if your floor coverings don’t show dust and dirt, your kids are grown or you don’t own four-legged pets.

Procuring a Cleaning Pro

When you procure experts, you’ll get the opportunity to pick between steam cleaning and dry extraction cleaning. Every technique ,if took care of by a qualified genius will do wonders for messy floor coverings. Not just do experts have much more intense hardware than you’re liable to purchase or lease, they have significantly more experience evacuating stains. Costs may differ broadly for basically the same administration, so shop precisely.

Stock exchanges exist to bring buyers and sellers together, providing liquidity by creating a place for these two groups to meet. These organizations are a pivotal part of global trading with many which have been around for centuries now being challenged by modern electronic exchanges and alternative trading systems. This infographic finds out more about these cornerstones of our industry.

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No one likes to lose money. Moreover, the pain threshold of some is greater than it is with others. If you’re considering an investment in the stock market and the thought of a loss upsets you, you probably shouldn’t invest. However, when you invest there are several things you should know to increase your chances of winning. That’s the subject of this article. Although there are numerous details and caveats, this article will help you understand the basics of how the stock market works and why stocks react as they do. We’ll also discuss five things that every investor should know. Let’s dispense with the mystery and take a look behind the veil.

What is a Stock Market?

The stock market is a complex system where shares of publicly-traded companies are issued, bought and sold. To some it is a nebulous, dark chasm where people gamble. Actually, it is not gambling at all. Why? Let’s say you put $100 on one roll of the dice. If you win, you win $X. If you lose, you lose the entire $100. When you invest in stocks, you will win $X or lose $Y. It’s rare to lose it all, unless of course you invest in a company that goes bust. You could say that the stock market is a group of people pitting their expertise against one another. We’ll touch on that in the next section.

The Stock Market is an Adversarial System of Trading

The stock market is a collection of millions of investors with diametrically opposing views. This is because when one investor sells a particular security, someone else must be willing to buy it. Since both investors cannot be correct, it is an adversarial system. In short, one investor will profit and the other will suffer loss. Therefore, it’s important to become well versed on the investment you are considering.

What Makes Stock Prices Go Up and Down?

There are many factors that determine whether stock prices rise or fall. These include the media, the opinions of well-known investors, natural disasters, political and social unrest, risk, supply and demand, and the lack of or abundance of suitable alternatives. The compilation of these factors, plus all relevant information that has been disseminated, creates a certain type of sentiment (i.e. bullish and bearish) and a corresponding number of buyers and sellers. If there are more sellers than buyers, stock prices will tend to fall. Conversely, when there are more buyers than sellers, stock prices tend to rise.

Why is the Stock Market so Difficult to Predict?

Let’s assume stock prices have been rising for several years. Investors realize that a correction will come and stock prices will tumble. What we don’t understand is what will trigger the selloff or exactly when it will occur. Therefore, some investors will sit on the sidelines holding cash, waiting for the opportune time to get in. Those who are willing to assume the risk may jump in because the return on cash is so low and it hurts to earn zero while watching stocks move higher. This begs a couple of key questions. If you’re on the sidelines, how will you know when to get in? If you’re already in, how will you know when it’s time to get out? If the stock market was predictable, these questions could easily be answered. However, it is not. There are actually three issues an investor should consider. The first understands the point at which stock prices are fairly valued. The second issue is the event that will cause a downturn. The final issue understands the human decision-making process. Let’s briefly look at these.

When is the Best Time to Buy and Sell?

The two most important decisions an investor will make are when to buy and when to sell. The best time to buy is when others are pessimistic. The best time to sell is when others are actively optimistic. When buying, remember that the prospect of a high return is greater if you buy after its price has fallen rather than after it has risen. But caution should be exercised. For example, after the stock of fictitious Company X declined by 30%, 40% or more, the first question to ask is why. Why did the stock fall as it did? Did other stocks in the same industry experience a decline? If so, was it as severe? Did the entire stock market fall? If the broader market or other stocks in the same industry/sector performed relatively well, there may be a problem specific to Company X. It’s best to adopt a buy/sell discipline and adhere to it. Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, once said, “The buyer of common stocks must assure himself that he is not making his purchase at a time when the general market level is a definitely high one, as judged by established standards of common-stock values.” His reference was to what we discussed as fair value under the section Stock Valuation above.


The stock market is a complicated place for which the novice investor is not particularly well suited. Avoid the “hot tip” talk around the water cooler or in the lunchroom. Stock prices rise and fall for reasons which can be complex. Since the only sure bottom is zero, when you invest, consider adding protection (i.e. stop orders, options, etc.). To avoid another WorldCom, Enron, or even a 2008 type of disaster, be sure the company you’re buying is worth owning. Unless you love risk, you may wish to avoid putting too much of your money in one stock.

It takes years to become well versed on the financial markets and on stocks in general. You may want to find someone you trust and seek their guidance. It may seem like an unnecessary expense but heading into unfamiliar territory alone can often cost us more than we expect.

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Do you have a business blog?

Are you happy with the marketing role your blog plays?

Many businesses consider blogs “a cost of doing business,” or code for “We’re not sure what it does but we’re afraid to stop doing it.”

In this article Veronica Wong Ai Ming will explore why and how to make your blog the hub of your content marketing plan?

Why make your blog your content marketing hub?

To put a slightly different spin on what Chris Brogan says, blogs are your home base; they are at the center of your content marketing system.

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 100 company, blogs should be at the heart of your content marketing because blogs fuel social media, search optimization and the sales process.

The top five reasons to use a blog as your content hub are:

1.     Blogs are owned media. Your blog content is yours. You’re not at the whim of changes in the rules of third-party platforms, such as the recent changes to LinkdIn,Twitter and Instagram. A blog has the added bonus of providing an always-on crisis management channel to get your message out 24/7.

2.     Blogs are a form of social media. Through social sharing, comments and guest posts, blogs provide the basis for building a targeted community. In fact, HubSpot‘s research showed that blogs top other forms of social media for effectiveness.

3.     Blogs support search optimization. Because of their structure, blogs are search-friendly. You can enhance this by focusing each article on a specific keyword phrase and link to internal and external content.

4.     Blogs drive sales. To support sales, write blog posts about how to use your products and show them in context to provide prospects and customers with product information they need. Then link to your specific product pages to support the sales process.

5.     Blogs incorporate a streamlined CMS (content management system). At its core, blogs are an easy-to-use, low-cost content system.

7 Tips to Make Your Blog Your Content Marketing Hub

To make your blog an accountable aspect of your content marketing plan, here are seven steps to get on track.

#1: Build a Strong Blogging Foundation to Support Your Content Marketing

In order for your blog to be the center of a strong content marketing plan, you’ll need to make sure you build your blog on a strong foundation.

One of your first decisions is how to set up your blog. Make sure you use your own URL. The best option is to use a self-hosted WordPress blog. Don’t use a free hosting option such as Blogger or WordPress.

#2: Know Your Audience

Before you begin blogging, you’ll need to know whom you’re writing for and what they’re interested in reading. One way to find out more about your audience is to use marketing personas.

Create a set of marketing personas to clarify and give a personality to the people you’re trying to reach. It’s easier to write for someone you know than a faceless mass. Incorporate their content consumption habits and their social media proclivities.

#3: Develop Your Content Marketing Plan

Several components come into making a good content marketing plan. Here’s what you’ll want to include in your content marketing plan.

Map out your promotional calendar

Start by planning your organization’s marketing events for the year and use public holidays where appropriate. The objective is to create hooks around which to develop your content.

Plan ongoing columns and related communications

Think like a magazine and brainstorm regular offerings such as news roundups, customer of the week and interviews. Develop a set of columns to offer either weekly or every other week. This provides the basic structure for your blog’s editorial calendar. Include themessuch as research. Consider how you’ll offer this content to other segments of your audience such as in your regular emails.

#4: Optimize Content to Enhance Effectiveness

Your content isn’t finished once it’s written or created. You still have to enhance its attractiveness to readers.

Here are some key points to make your content work for your business.

·         Integrate your 360° brand into each blog post and piece of content

·         Optimize content for search

·         Format content to facilitate consumption

#5: Plan Your Content Promotion

Just publishing your content isn’t sufficient to reach a broad audience. You’ll also need to promote your content so that more of the right people see it.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to promote your content.

·         Incorporate automatic blog content delivery

·         Leverage social media to distribute

·         Extend your content reach

#6: Allocate Resources to Your Blog

To make your blog the heart of your content marketing, you need human and financial resources. Quality content that attracts and converts prospects doesn’t just happen when employees have time. These resources may be internal or external.

You’ll want to consider a variety of resources. You’ll want to look at resources forcontent creation to develop the information; creative, including design, photography and formatting; editorial to ensure that the content conveys the appropriate ideas, as well as editing to ensure the grammar is correct; marketing to get your content distributed; andtechnology to facilitate uploading and other technical issues.

#7: Track Content Marketing Results

As with any other business initiative, you must measure your results. Plan your metricsand content creation to ensure that you have integrated the ability to capture the data you need.

Used properly, a blog not only supports your social media, search optimization and sales processes, it acts as the hub for the rest of your content marketing.

What do you think? Is there anything else that you’d add to this list? If so, what would you include and why? Please leave your questions and comments in the box below.

Regards from

Veronica Wong Ai Ming

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High frequency trading has existed for several years, but recently the trading strategy has come under a lot of added scrutiny. Traders utilize computer algorithms and lightning fast data connections to receive data and place trades at intervals quicker than the average trader. When you and I place trades online, a confirmation is generated in under a second. A second is way too slow for these guys.

Even if you feel that trading is perfectly acceptable and a natural progression of our society and the use of computers, you have to realize that as a “regular guy”, there’s no way that you could ever beat . These algorithms analyze data and react and a speed that can never be matched by a human. As a trader myself Veronica Wong Ai Ming, I witness every day, but it wasn’t until I viewed this infographic that I actually realized just how fast it is:


Article by Veronica Wong Ai Ming

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You must be able to correctly choose clothes that would not only conceal extra kilos, but slimmer. Here are few basic but very important tips to follow:

Fabrics, patterns, components

The main pattern on clothing is a vertical bar. But the important feature is that the strip must not be bent. With care it is necessary to refer to the vertical strip on the jersey and stretch fabrics. Figure drawing straight verticals can turn into a curved line, which once again underlined completeness. Frequent vertical bar gives the figure of growth and slim. Also, the length of the diagonal is drawn in a cell, and diagonal lines, vertical slits on the skirt, zipper and deep folds. Do not be afraid to wear clothes with original finish, such as embroidery.

Clothing Length

 In order to determine what should be the minimum and maximum length of blouses, for a start, stand before a mirror and look at the widest place on the thighs. Three thumbs up – is the smallest length for you and three fingers below the line – the biggest. It is strictly forbidden to wear a short top with a short top and a long bottom with a long bottom.


 Avoid flashy wardrobe of belts, jewelry, large bows and buttons, a variety of decorative items, concentrating attention on the abdomen. Contraindicated multi layer sets, things that look out on the belt one out of the other.


Do not forget that our hands are at the waist and hips, which mean that they need to pay special attention. Stylists recommend buying a medium-sized bag that is comfortable to wear under his arm, in the crook of the elbow or hand. The problem is that the standard carrying bag necessarily disadvantageous accentuates the waist, because the bags are often overlooked. Men in this respect easier: you can choose the bag that is comfortable to wear.


 Complete women often choose shoes with square toes or too small platform – and this is their fault. These shoes do not look in proportion with your body, highlighting its bulkiness. Therefore it is better to choose shoes with a pointed toe; it will be visible and will give a good balance figure.


Even plump sometimes want to wear a gorgeous dress. Do not deny yourself this. Try on the dress with detachable waist and straight skirt. However, the question to the fashion clothing is rather complicated, because evening dresses often have a complex design and cut, so it is necessary to try each. It is more important to choose the right color. Worthy look for blue or black in combination with white.


Types of figures

The figures of people can be divided into 2 types:

Figure A: It is characterized by private label clothing manufacturers that overly full buttocks and breeches. Therefore, our goal becomes a balancing wide hip and shoulders relatively narrow. This effect can be achieved by the following methods: horizontal line at the top of the band, and conversely, the lower vertical. Perfectly suited dress without shoulders cardigans with V-neck, wide collar, short sleeves beads and a flashlight. Given that the dark color reduces the volume, most preferably apparel black bottom composition – white top.

Figure T: This type of shape is defined by a relatively narrow hips, flat buttocks, big shoulders. Therefore, make up the ensemble of the other: clothing above the waist should be dark, and the light below the belt. To look slimmer and neater, you need to choose skirts, tight-fitting and slightly flared hips to the knees. Modern fashion industry seeks to help women fully liberated thanks to the beautiful, stylish, sometimes avant-garde clothes. That is why it is worth remembering that a person in any proportions can be beautiful and confident.

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